Some of you are already into the EMT Transition process.  For those who aren’t, but are thinking about how to simulate different medications, here are some ideas.

For NTG we are using Altoids Smalls which are placed into NTG bottles (after they are washed with soap and water and then dried out).
NTG Placebo

For Aspirin placebos there is nothing as good as Mini M&Ms.  We use a baby aspirin bottle that has been washed out with soap and water and dried.  (We watch carefully for students overdosing in the corner of the classroom . . . )
ASA Placebo

A word of caution.  Wash those bottles out!  We also ensure that people are told that if they have allergies (ASA is a common one) that they should not partake of the placebos!

If you have other ideas that you use, we’d like to hear them so they can be shared as well.