This comes from Jared Hoover, a paramedic with Sedgwick County and a part-time instructor with Hutchinson Community College.  Thanks for sharing, Jared!

Catheter Training Prop

“I thought I would share this with you. I created a training replica of a working foley catheter with a liter bag of NS. I spiked the bag and widened the hole with a screw driver. I then put the catheter in the bag and inflated the balloon in the port for the spike. I tried putting the balloon in the bag and resting it on top of the port but it leaked around the catheter. I added food coloring to the bag to make the saline more visible and then pulled the air out of the saline bag with a syringe and needle. I am not sure pulling the air out is necessary. It worked perfect and made for a great demonstration.”

This is a great example of classroom prop creativity.  What are you using that others could benefit from?  Let us know!