The Kansas Board of EMS has added requirements to the EMT-I to AEMT Transition curriculum. These additional requirements must be developed by Transition Course Coordinators and Instructors. This includes:

  • Lesson plan
  • Media
  • Formulary
  • Task list
  • Task analysis
  • Check sheet for the Student Lab Manual

The question has been raised repeatedly, “Do these need to be approved by the Board of EMS?”

At this time the Board is not requiring approval. However, the Board office is suggesting that these materials be submitted to the Board office for review and approval. This is especially true for all check-off sheets as these sheets become part of the permanent record and audit trail for the transition. Whether submitted or not, all check-sheets must be maintained per the audit record requirements for the transition.

Please direct questions regarding this information to the Board office. To insure that your check sheets will meet the requirements, please submit them for review and approval tot the Board office.

Additional AEMT Requirements