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ems leg•a•cy sto•ries(C) is about the past . . . and the future. When we think of what a preferred future is for emergency medical services (EMS), we often focus on the needs present today. And yet, in order to create a better future, it is important to look back.  We benefit from hearing the stories of persons who came before us. These are the people who have developed Kansas EMS as we know it today.

By understanding our heritage, we can create a stronger vision for our future. For this reason, we’ve begun this occasional video series: ems leg•a•cy sto•ries(C).  The series is focused on Kansas EMS. If you are from someplace other than Kansas, we welcome you to this community as well.

In this episode of ems leg•a•cy sto•ries(C), we visit with Dick Toews, retired EMS Chief for the City of Hesston, Kansas Ambulance Department. Dick served from 1959 to 1996. He mentored many providers who have gone on to serve as EMTs, paramedics, service directors, and educators. Dick is one of the quiet leaders whose name you may not recognize. Yet he has been a significant and powerful figure in Kansas EMS who has encouraged and impacted many providers – and through them, patients.

We filmed this in Hesston Station 51 on a Saturday morning in June 2017. This station is where Dick spent the vast majority of his volunteer career. You will hear ambient noise from the station and from vehicles passing by. Envision yourself pulling up a chair at the station to sit by me as we hear what Dick has to say.

We hope you enjoy Dick’s story.

ems legacy stories: richard “dick” toews from Jon Friesen on Vimeo.

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